Developmental Editing

This is for someone who has his material together, mostly written, but doesn’t really know what to do with it. He needs help deciding what material to include, how to present that material, what documentation to provide for any factual material not his own, and maybe how to best present that documentation. You never want to have your manuscript copyedited before having it developed; that would waste your money.

Heavy Copyediting
When a manuscript needs a substantial amount of work from formatting to content, we suggest this service. When we perform a heavy edit, we correct misspellings and make terms consistent, correct inconsistencies with concept or plot, we may rewrite sentences for clarity and flow, we may comment on organization and flow of content, and we will also include all the aspects of a medium and light edit. 

Medium or Substantive Copyediting
We check tense consistency, reorganize sentences, or make suggestions for clarity, check for continuity of flow and thoughts, edit footnotes and reference lists, check transitional phrasing, do simple fact-checking on material presented, we might rewrite sentences to improve the flow of the text, we might tighten up your text if it is excessively wordy, comment on anything that is ambiguous to us and may need clarification, make suggestions on organization if needed, and we will include all the aspects of a basic copyedit. 

Basic Copyediting
If you request a basic copyedit, we will assume that your manuscript is already very well written; well organized; clear in thought; needs very little, if any, formatting; and that you really just can’t decide between that or which, or you have no idea how to use the serial comma. There will not be a thorough alteration of sentence structure or changes in the content. We will read your manuscript word for word, line by line, and focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, format, and consistency. We won’t concentrate so much on how the text is written, just that it is grammatically correct.


This is for the already-polished manuscript that only needs a final look through. Another reason you might opt for a proofread is if your manuscript has already been designed and you need an index set or checked, or you need page references set or checked. We can also review designed material for things like widows and orphans, loose lines, bad breaks at the end of a turned line, dropped text, poorly placed graphics, and other design mishaps that occur frequently.

This is a service for the person who has an idea for a manuscript, has the basic research done (or has the expertise), maybe has a life experience to relate, or a family history too good to be forgotten, but just doesn’t know how to get it down on paper (or into a computer!). We can write that book for you, and you can put your name on it! Contact us for more details.