1. “Cindi Pietrzyk is a fantastic editor! Not only is she an expert on basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but she’s a professional with a great eye for inconsistencies, clarity of text, character development, etc. She gently makes comments and suggestions for improvement while always respecting an author’s work. Last year, Cindi did such a great job editing one of my novels that I employed her to work on a second one. I was totally pleased with both jobs. Without hesitation, I give Cindi my highest recommendation.”
    Rob Hubbard, Author
  2. “No writer should ever take sole credit for the magnificent work he/she produces. I am very thankful for my editor, Darya Crockett, who does more than just look for spelling and grammatical failures; she endeavors to fully purge my work of countless flaws. She reads, asks, and corrects. She offers insight, research, and in many ways requires me to be more than a fantasy writer. She polishes an otherwise uncut gem into something spectacular.”
    Curtiss Robinson, Author
  3. "I've had the pleasure of working with Cindi as her editor on Boston's Freedom Trail, a travel guide published by Globe Pequot Press. Manuscripts move extremely fast at GPP, and our hard-working writers are asked to deliver quality content on very tight deadlines. Cindi provided a thorough revision for the guide, met all of her deadlines, and even submitted new photography for use in the update. Where many freelancers might be happy to do the bare minimum, collect a paycheck, and call it a day, she works that much harder to ensure our travel guide updates are of the highest quality. She knows the publishing business inside and out, she truly cares about her assignments, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with." For all of these reasons and more, I did not hesitate to hire Cindi this past month to revise GPP's Off the Beaten Path Connecticut travel title. I can rest easy knowing that at least one of the titles on my seasonal list is in very good hands! I recommend Cindi for any editing/revising/writing job heartily and without reservation.
    Kevin Sirois, Digital Producer, Quinnipiac University, former editor at Globe Pequot Press
  4. "I had the distinct pleasure of working with Cindi at the Globe Pequot Press for several years in the mid-1990s. Cindi is a tireless and dedicated worker with strong editorial and organizational skills. In addition, she's a joy to work with. I heartily recommend her for any challenging assignment that calls for brains and dedication (and a good sense of humor!)"
    Mike Urban, Editor, Writer, Book Packager
  5. "Cindi is an eagle-eyed editor/proofreader who asks thought-provoking questions and has a keen sense of consistency."
    Ellen Urban, Project Manager, Globe Pequot Press
  6. "Darya's editing was superb and her advice excellent. She went the extra mile to help me and was patient and kind throughout the whole process. She made sure that my book read smoothly and with clear understanding. I would most definitely recommend her as an editor. She is the best that I have come across."
    Ilze Henderson, Author
  7. "I have always been impressed with Darya’s expertise and professionalism throughout every single step in editing my manuscripts over the years. She is extremely dedicated and detailed. I have now written three books, and I cannot thank her enough for the advice that she has shared throughout that time and the amazing work she has done in preparing them to be read to the masses. Her perspective and her proficiency have truly made her stand out amongst others in this profession, and I would never publish a manuscript without her. She has been invaluable to me and countless others and will remain as such.”
    Carrie Simon, Author